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As a trusted strategic partner focused on premier customer service, Sterling Risk Advisors understands the intricate complexities of risks and exposures faced by the logistics industry, as well as the need for protection against bad debt losses across all industries. Our proven solutions include transportation/logistics, cargo and trade credit insurance to reduce risk and provide protection when it is needed most. 

Transportation/Logistics Insurance Protects Your Business & Customers. Meets Legal Obligations, Too.

Sterling Risk Advisors has extensive expertise in the transportation/logistics industry. Our customized solutions manage the risk for trucking companies, freight forwarders/NVOCCs/customs brokers, freight brokers and logistics companies among others. Our specialized coverages include:

  • Trucking Industry: commercial general liability, auto liability, excess liability, motor truck cargo liability, warehouse legal liability and professional liability among others.
  • Freight Forwarding/NVOCC/Customs Brokers: freight forwarder legal liability, shippers interest, contingent warehouse legal liability, contingent auto liability and professional liability among others.
  • Freight Brokers: contingent cargo liability, contingent auto liability, contingent warehouse legal liability and professional liability among others.
  • Logistics Companies: commercial general liability, warehouse legal liability, contingent cargo liability, contingent auto liability and professional liability among others.

Protect Your Goods from End to End

Sterling Risk Advisors’ cargo insurance solutions are customized to safeguard products as they move through the supply chain, both domestically and internationally. Offering multimodal (land, air and water) coverage on goods while warehoused, during in-transit pickup or delivery, or awaiting customs clearance, Sterling Risk Advisors minimizes your risk while maximizing your peace of mind.

Our customized solutions:

  • Cover multiple transportation carriers including small package, trucking, rail, ocean, in-land marine, airfreight and/or warehouse/inventory
  • Are more comprehensive than carrier liability coverage or declared value from a transportation provider
  • Allow coverage of high pilferage items including cell phones, jewelry and electronics, among others
  • Provide a streamlined claims process

In addition, protection includes, but is not limited to:

  • Concealed damage where there is no evidence of visible damage to packaging
  • Expediting expenses for the replacement of damaged or lost goods
  • General average losses in instances where partial cargo must be sacrificed to prevent a total loss
  • Salvage costs of destroying labels or brands
  • Loss resulting from theft or acts of God

Trade Credit Insurance Protects Against Bad Debt or Slow Pay Losses

In today’s economy, companies are more likely to be faced with bad debt losses or slow pay clients than ever before. Sterling Risk Advisors offers trade credit insurance that not only mitigates risk but also enhances cash flow.

Our customized trade credit helps increase revenue, enhance borrowing capacity and generate new sales opportunities by minimizing bad debt losses and improving cash flow. Benefits include:

  • Catastrophic risk protection
  • Sales expansion
  • Enhanced lending relationships
  • General loss prevention
  • Political risk protection

As your trusted strategic partner, Sterling Risk Advisors customizes your coverage based upon location, industry, business type and associated credit risks.


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